Catholic Charities 2024 Annual Appeal

We are YOUR Catholic Charities, dedicated to caring for your neighbors in Southern Minnesota, and you if you too find yourself in a time of need.

It’s for this reason that we humbly request your donations and support during our Annual Appeal in the parishes on May 11th and 12th – Mother’s Day Weekend, or by returning your mailer anytime during the months of May and June. Even easier, simply donate today!

Donate today!

“From the banks of the Mississippi River in Winona to the open fields and prairies of Luverne, we touch the lives of those in need across Southern Minnesota.”

 John Meyers
Executive Director

We need your support

Our daily work holds personal meaning for each of us at Catholic Charities—whether it’s providing refuge in our warming shelters, ensuring individuals have access to vital medications, or assisting struggling families. We are driven by our calling to serve the people in our communities.

 In reaching out to you, we do so with the hope that your faith compels you to action, donating to help your neighbors in their time of need, just as we stand ready to support you in times of need. We are YOUR Catholic Charities, your local connection to help and to helping—we invite you to know us as:

My Catholic Charities

Who we help, in their own words…

A mother’s journey

“The Onward and Upward program has been such an amazing blessing to myself and my family. I struggle to put everything this program has done for me into words. I have been a single mom since I was 17 years old. I knew I wanted to go into nursing. I never knew exactly how I’d make that dream a reality and for a very long time, I couldn’t. For years I have lived paycheck to paycheck and it is the only lifestyle my son has ever known. When I got accepted into the Nursing program, I still had no clue how I’d pull it off but I was fully prepared to bury myself under student loans if necessary.

Then I heard about this program, and I couldn’t believe such a thing existed. It was so unbelievable to me that even after I applied, I thought there was no way I’d ever get accepted. When I did, the biggest relief was lifted off my shoulders and I knew that nothing else could get in the way of me finishing this nursing program. Not to mention, I was able to do so without accumulating any debt and without a tremendous amount of stress along the way. Now that I have an education and a career, my family and I will continue to benefit for years and even generations to come. I am grateful beyond measure for having had the help of this program and I am so pleased that this exists for other single mothers as well. Thank you to Onward and Upward and to all of their donors! The impact you’ve had on my family is immeasurable!”

Sincerely, Ariana and Family

Homeless but not hopeless

Jonathan found himself in a cycle of addiction, contending with the relentless pressures of life, ultimately driving him to the streets. He couldn’t see the future, and according to him, it wasn’t until one night at our Community Warming Shelter that it hit him. “God found me,” as well as the awareness that the shelter advocates cared about him and wanted something better for him.

Jonathan started to look forward to seeing Maddie, his favorite shelter advocate. “She was always so positive and supportive. I have to say, the staff here,  they are so great because it’s not always easy working with some of these people, you know? They’re so patient and kind, and they treat everyone with such respect. It always blew me away how patient and loving the staff were here. You know, dignity can be hard to come by when you’re homeless.” Jonathan did find his way; he now lives in his own apartment and is slowly building his life day by day. Our Warming Shelters and Day Center offer a safe place and hope for something different, something better.

Most Rev. Bishop Barron
Board President of Catholic Charities

Let those of us who support the work of Catholic Charities remember the words of Jesus: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40)

May we be inspired by his example of selfless love and may we strive to embody that love in our own lives.  Let us move forward with open hearts and willing hands, ready to serve and lift up those in need, knowing that in doing so, we are truly living out the essence of our faith.

Thank you for your support of Catholic Charities.

A concerned neighbor

“Love thy neighbor as thy self” – Matthew 22:35-40

We came to know Eileen through her neighbor, Mary. Mary had lived next door to Eileen for years, but she started to notice that something was wrong when Eileen began locking herself out of her house. Mary also noticed that her neighbor was neglecting to buy food or eat regularly. She knew that Eileen didn’t have any family to aid her, so Mary didn’t have anyone to talk to about her concerns. She tried visiting Eileen more often, bringing her food, or staying with her for lunch, but there came a point when she knew Eileen’s memory was fading, and short visits were not going to solve the problem.

That’s when she decided to reach out to our Adult Advocacy services for help. Mary helped introduce Eileen to one of our advocates, and after several visits, it was apparent that Eileen would no longer be able to live on her own. With sensitivity and respect for life’s big changes, our staff worked to ensure Eileen’s health and well-being. She now lives in a community that cares for her needs and has a life-long advocate in Catholic Charities.