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Companionship / Friendly Visits

Companionship and friendly visits can be offered to those participants who are at risk of isolation at home, engaging the participant in meaningful activity to promote community engagement.  Activities may include:

  • Regularly scheduled friendly visits within the home.
  • Facilitate hobbies, interests, exercise, outdoor activities
  • Assist with correspondences with friends and family; writing letters, Skype\Face time
  • Being observant of changes in condition
  • Non-medical services only

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Bernie Merchlewitz
Bernie MerchlewitzAge Well at Home Program Administrator

Can’t get out as much as you used to? Or just looking for someone to help your loved one when you can’t? Schedule a meeting with me Bernie Mechlewitz to learn more about our companion visits. We offer scheduled visits to help assist with hobbies, daily activities, or other interests. Whether you are just looking for someone to talk to, or someone to help you with your favorite hobby. We help by bringing someone to you, when traveling or leaving your home may be a challenge.