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Transportation services can be provided to participants who are unable to independently travel to remain engaged in the community:

  • Transportation can be provided to appointments, grocery shopping, educational events, exercise class, etc
  • Participants will need to safely and independently enter\exit a vehicle with minimal assistance.  Adaptive equipment will be limited to canes and walkers
  • Only participant enrolled in the program will be transported
  • All drivers will need to show proof of insurance and have a clean driving record
  • Transportation above and beyond the scope of services will not be provided

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Bernie Merchlewitz
Bernie MerchlewitzAge Well at Home Program Administrator

When you or a loved one no longer feels comfortable or safe driving, schedule an appointment with me Bernie Merchlewitz. Just because you stop driving does not mean you must now be confined to your home.  Our transportation help includes to and from appointments, grocery store, events, and a variety of other needs or places you or your loved one may need to go. We hope to help you maintain your sense of freedom and independence by continuing to live at home, and simply helping with daily activities that may now prove hazardous or challenging.