Access to Affordable Food

There are many obstacles facing the working poor, seniors and the disabled.  Statistics show the number of visits to food shelves and free community meals continues to rise.  Our elderly population is also growing and striving to continue to live at home, increasing the need for home delivered meals.  Access to affordable food options are vital to provide the sources needed to fight hunger among the populations most affected.  The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) helps to alleviate issues related to the poor and marginalized by placing and supporting those individuals seeking to offer service in food pantries, food banks, meal delivery sites and community meal locations.  RSVP volunteers give the needed “helping hand” so organizations can sustain programs aimed at access to affordable food.

Our Community Partners

We partner with many southern Minnesota food shelves, food banks, community food distribution programs and home-delivered meals programs. The following is a listing of current partner organizations where we can assist you in volunteering.

The following Active Aging Program Administrator in your area will be happy to speak with you