Common Good RSVP

Common Good RSVP matches individuals 55 years and over with local and national organizations, giving you countless opportunities to engage in your community through volunteer service. As a part of Senior Corps, RSVP is America’s largest volunteer network for people 55 and over, with more than 400,000 volunteers tackling tough issues in communities nationwide. It is operated under the direction of the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency.

Senior Corps RSVP

Volunteer Benefits

Common Good RSVP volunteers receive free supplemental insurance, including personal liability, accident, and excess automobile liability while serving in your volunteer assignment.

Volunteer travel reimbursement is provided for mileage from the volunteers’ home to the location where they will be volunteering, and the return trip to their home.  The maximum reimbursement per month is $25.00 and is issued on a quarterly basis.

Volunteers receive a free consultation with their Active Aging Program Administrator to discuss their interests and availability and determine the best match for volunteer opportunities in their community.  Ongoing support and recognition if offered on an ongoing basis.

Get started today!

Enrolling as an RSVP member volunteer is easy. Just complete the online RSVP enrollment form and click the enrollment form submit button. You may also print the form and mail it to the Winona address noted at the bottom of side two. A Catholic Charities Active Aging Program Administrator will follow up with you to confirm your volunteer activity and organization for which you will be serving.

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