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Bone Builders

Bone Builders is a nationally recognized osteoporosis prevention exercise program for men and women of all ages. The program was pioneered in Massachusetts; it is based of several years of academic studies around weight baring exercises. Bone Builders incorporates strength training, balance training, stretching, and fun into one hour. Ankle weights and hand held weights are used to increase bone density and increase muscle strength. The pace is slow and repetitive as participants progress at their individual rate to increase weights. Other positive effects of regular light exercise can lead to decreased risk of heart disease, improved flexibility, improved mobility, enlightened mood, and better balance, which decrease the likelihood of falls. Volunteer trainers lead participants through strength exercises including: a warm up, cool down, balance routines, and a stretching routine all specifically designed to prevent or reverse bone loss.


Sandy lives in Faribault and is 70 years old. She has attended the Bone Builders class in Faribault at Milestone Senior Living since its inception 2 years ago. Sandy was diagnosed with the precursor to Osteoporosis, Osteopynia. She had a bone scan 3 years ago, prior to starting BB which was when she was given her diagnosis. After one year of attending classes, her bone scan showed improvement! Sandy attributes her improvement to BB and her efforts at maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Sandy walks regularly and is an active volunteer with Common Good RSVP.

Sandy believes that the class remains successful because of the camaraderie of the leader and participants.  he does not believe that she would be motivated to do the exercises on her own. She says the leader Terri, is such an inspiration and a vibrant leader who keeps the class engaged and fun.

Sandy wants others to know that the class builds overall strengthening of muscle as well as bone mass. She said she has noticed significant improvement in her peers in their balance as a result of some of the training they do in that area as well. Sandy herself progressed to the maximum weights the class had to offer after just one year of participation! She uses 5 pound barbells as hand weights and 10 pound ankle weights. Sandy said that all members of the class progress at their own pace, she was able to readily add weight because she does not have any other medical conditions unlike some of the others in the class.

Sandy said that BB has become engrained as part of her routine. The class gets her going 2 days a week and helps her to stay active.

Sandy Rost

As an instructor, I have had so many benefits leading this wonderful group of people! I get to see them improve their health, we share lots of stories, and get to know each other and our families.

I have much more strength than I had 2 years ago. I can hit my golf ball at least 25 yards further! Yeah! I started with 1 lb weights on my arms and am up to 4 1/2 lbs now.

All of our balance has definitely improved!!! We were all pretty shaky when we first started!!! I try to make the class fun……..and that’s why I think we have such a large group of committed participants.

Terri Murdock, Class Leader July 2011

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