Domestic Infant Adoption

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Catholic Charities has been licensed to place children in adoptive homes since 1943. Catholic Charities works with couples who are looking to adopt an infant and with birthparents looking to place their child for adoption. Most adoptions today are open, meaning that birthparents and adoptive parents have the opportunity  to meet and develop a relationship with each other and the child.

Eligibility for Catholic Charities Domestic Infant Adoption Program:

  • Reside in Minnesota at least one year before applying
  • Reside within the Diocese of Winona (Twenty southern-most counties of Minnesota)
  • Be married at minimum of two years
  • Experience infertility or secondary infertility
  • Be 45 years of age or younger at time of application

We serve people of all faiths!

Home Study Process (6-9 month process)

  • Attend an Adoption Informational Meeting
  • Submit a Catholic Charities Application for Adoption
  • Reference letters requested from your doctor and Priest or Pastor
  • Complete the Adam Walsh Background Study
  • Attend meetings with your adoption worker
  • Reference interviews
  • Home Visit
  • Complete adoption education and webinars
  • Attend Journey to Adopt groups
  • Complete your adoption profiles
  • Secure home study approval

The Adoption Home Study is part assessment and part education. During the home study your adoption worker will gather information pertaining to your personal history, relationships, support systems, parenting style, religion and spiritual beliefs, finances, health, family strengths and needs, cultural awareness and diversity, and attitudes and beliefs regarding adoption. Education topics include History of Adoption, Adoption Triad, Openness, Core Issues of Adoption, Losses and Gains, Adoption vs Birth, Attachment and Bonding, Transracial Adoption, Legally Freeing a Child for Adoption, Legalization, Adoption Language, and more. The home study process will also help you to develop a profile book, profile for Catholic Charities website, and your own outreach plan.

Domestic Adoption Fees

  • Application: $500
    Adam Walsh Background Study: $70 per person
    Home Study: $3,000
    Adoption Program Fee: range from $8,000 to $12,000
    Pregnancy Program Fee: $5,000
    Other fees may apply depending on services requested.

Estimated time frame for adoptive placement

The estimated likelihood for making an adoptive placement is one to three years, but may be less or more. Home study approval does not guarantee a placement. We expect all families to do some outreach and networking, pursue open adoption, and to accept a child of either gender. There is a greater need for families who are open to accepting a child of any race and some medical concerns.

Catholic Charities has licensed social workers to complete adoption home studies in Worthington, Mankato, Rochester and Winona, Minnesota.