How long does the process take?

Assuming you qualify for assistance, it usually takes about forty-five days from the date of our first meeting with you before you receive your prescription medicines through MediAppS.

What medicines may I receive through MediAppS?

Medicines obtained through MediAppS fill ninety-day prescriptions; hence most medicines secured are maintenance drugs designed to treat chronic conditions.  We will work with you in filling claims on a wide variety of medicines designed to treat a wide variety of illnesses or conditions.  The actual medicines available through MediAppS are determined by the various drug manufacturers.

What happens when my ninety-day supply of medicines expires?

Before your current prescription expires, we will contact you to renew your prescription through MediAppS so that your supply of medicine is not interrupted.

Is there a limit to the number of prescriptions that I may obtain through MediAppS or the number of times I may renew?

MediAppS does not limit the number of prescriptions that we will assist you in securing, even if a different company makes each different medicine.  We cannot assure, though, that every medicine you need will be available through the patient assistance programs of the companies.

Each pharmaceutical company sets their own rules, if any, regarding the number of renewals that a person is allowed.  Many companies set no limits on the number of renewals.

How do I get started?

Please contact the Catholic Charities office at 507-454-2270 Ext. 245 or email to schedule an appointment.  We will send you a financial information packet to fill out and bring to your appointment.  Along with this packet you will bring items, such as proof of income, your tax return, and list of medications (or just your prescription medicine bottles).

Is there a fee for this service?


No.  There are no fees for our services.  MediAppS helps all eligible people regardless of ethnic background, age, gender, or faith tradition.