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The various pharmaceutical companies have established patient assistance programs that make their medicines available at no charge or reduced cost to people in need.  Each company has its own criteria, application forms, and eligibility guidelines.

Working with information supplied by you, we assess your situation to see if you qualify under the patient assistance program operated by the company that manufactures your prescribed medicine.   If you do qualify, we work with you and your doctor to enroll you in the patient assistance program operated by that company.

Once your claim, together with its appropriate supporting documentation, is approved by the pharmaceutical company, they will send your medicine either directly to your doctor or they will issue you a card that will allow you to get your prescription filled by your pharmacist.

Goals and Objectives

MediAppS promotes human dignity by helping people consistently and readily access needed medicines, at an affordable cost, in the dosages needed to maintain their health.

If you need assistance with your medication and believe you may qualify, please contact Jan Wieser (Winona area) at 507-454-2270 ext 245.