Adopted Adult & Birth Parent Searches

Since 1982, Catholic Charities staff has had many positive experiences assisting with adoption reunions, and would like to help others if they wish.

Older WomanBirth Parent & Adoptee Searches

We can assist in the location of birth mothers, and in some cases birth father, for adopted persons over the age of nineteen who were placed through Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota.

Birth parents may ask Catholic Charities to locate their birth children over the age of nineteen.

Adoptive parents on behalf of their adopted child, if before the nineteenth birthday, may make the same request.

Happily, Catholic Charities staff has almost 100% success rate in finding birth mothers. Catholic Charities has great success in finding birth fathers as well.

Background Summary Searches

Summaries of non-identifying background social and medical information about a birth family can also be done for adopted adults.

We know that adoption is a life-long journey and Catholic Charities is an important part of that journey.

If you would like to know more or would like to discuss your desire to search, call 507-287-2047 or email

**Please note that each adoption agency holds their own records, so we can only assist with searches for children placed through Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota. If you are not sure which Minnesota agency holds your adoption records, you may request this information through MNAdopt.