“I am writing to tell you just how much I enjoy working with Catholic Charities as an organization. As a county social worker, I have a lot of interactions with the guardian/conservator program. I have found the staff to be very responsive; they return calls promptly. When needed for medical decisions, they respond quickly and have a plan of action developed to meet the needs of the individual. They involve others, including family and team members, as necessary. I have found the staff to be a great team member. The staff has become familiar with the individual needs and preferences to base their decisions. The staff takes time to meet with the individuals on a regular basis. They staff is also very familiar with the available Services to meet the needs of the individuals being served.

Thank you for all the hard work of the staff. Please share my compliments so they and others know how much they are appreciated.

~ Sharon Summers, LSW, Case Manager, Winona County DHS, Winona MN

“Catholic Charities took over guardianship/conservatorship for one of our individuals during a difficult time for him. Catholic Charities worked very hard to reassure him that things would not change greatly for him and they have kept in contact with him with monthly visits to his work site or home. When we have needed something they have always been prompt to return calls and get the information that I needed. It is a pleasure to work with Catholic Charities.”

~ Julie Bluhm, HIS Team Leader, Habilitative Services, Inc. St Peter, MN

“The staff at Catholic Charities are there when we need them! They come through for their clients and take care of clients needs in any way they can. We know we can rely on Catholic Charities for the compassionate, dependable and responsive way they support their clients in the Guardian/Conservatorship program.”

~ Carole Sanchez, Social Services Assistant, Sauer Memorial Home, Winona, MN

“It’s very easy to work with Catholic Charities. They are pleasant, professional, prepared and they pay attention to detail. They always look for what’s best for their clients. I appreciate that because that’s how everyone would like to be treated.”

~ Kathy Horeck, Merchants Bank

“As a social worker to our veterans for twenty years, I can attest to the willingness of the Catholic Charities of Winona staff and representatives to work diligently on behalf of their clients. They have always been ready to respond to a client’s needs and staff concerns. A representative visits the resident regularly and keeps up to date with any relevant changes.”

~ Jim Doran, M.S., L.I.S.W., Sr. Social Worker

“We have worked with Catholic Charities for many years and have always had a wonderful experience with them. They are easy to work with and respond quickly to their clients needs. We think of them as members of our team and appreciate all that they do!”

~ Jennifer Ready, Assisted Living Supervisor, Winona Health

“I have been very impressed by the quality and array of services provided by Catholic Charities to my clients. I believe that Catholic Charities takes thorough and even-handed approach to its cases and makes it a priority to treat all individuals with respect. I would highly recommend Catholic Charities’ Services to others.”

~ K.E. Winona Area Attorney

“During my 20 years of county service I have had many opportunities to work with Catholic Charities staff and have consistently found them to be professional yet caring when working with our mutual clients. The guardianship/conservatorship services they provide are invaluable to our clients as they provide the protection and security many clients need yet staff also advocate for freedom of choice and promote maximum independence. I have also been extremely impressed with the level of response when emergencies arise; I can always depend on them to be only a phone call away.”

~ Rita Hanson, Case Manager. Winona County DHS, Winona MN