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Bible Studies on Catholic Social Teaching

“Our work for social justice is first and foremost a work of faith, a profoundly religious task. It is Jesus who calls us to this mission, not any political or ideological agenda. We are called to bring the healing hand of Christ to those in need; the courageous voice of the prophet to those in power; and the Gospel message of love, justice, and peace to an often suffering world.” -U.S. Catholic Bishops, “A Century of Social Teaching”

To promote the Gospel message of love justice and peace, the Parish Social Ministry office have published two bible studies on Catholic Social Teaching

  1. The Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching Bible Study
    The US Catholic Bishops have identified 7 themes in Catholic Social Teaching (CST).  The CST bible study is an eight week bible study with introduction, and a session on each of these seven themes.
    (Download the PDF)
  2. Life and Dignity of the Human person Bible Study
    This study takes the first of the 7 themes, which is central to our call to love God above all else and our neighbors as ourselves by promoting life and dignity from conception until natural death.  This is a 7 week bible study covering issues like abortion, immigration, poverty, racism, and more.
    (Download the PDF)

Sessions in both of the bible studies are discussion based.  Leaders of these studies act more as facilitators rather than teachers, which means the given leader does not have to have extensive knowledge of scripture in order to have a successful session.   Discussion questions provided are meant to be thought provoking and to open up a discussion into practical ways to live our faith. The sessions are set up to be approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length, depending on the size of the group.

 The bible study is provided by Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota and there is no fee. Contact Tom Parlin, Director of Parish Social Ministry at or 507-454-2270 ext 246 for more information.

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