Domestic Infant Adoption

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family2bwCatholic Charities has been licensed to place children in adoptive homes since 1943. Catholic Charities works with couples who are looking to adopt an infant and with birthparents looking to place their child for adoption. Children are many times placed directly from the hospital or after a short time in foster care. Catholic Charities assists in making a match between birthparents and adoptive couples. We serve everyone, regardless of faiths or background.

Eligibility Criteria to Adopt an Infant

  • Reside within the State of Minnesota for one year prior to applying
  • Reside within the Diocese of Winona (Twenty southern-most counties of Minnesota)
  • Married minimum of two years
  • Couple must be unable to have children

Home Study Process (3 to 6 month process)

  • Attend an Adoption Informational Meeting with a Catholic Charities Adoption Worker
  • Complete and submit a Catholic Charities Application for Adoption
  • Work with Adoption worker on the initial processing of application
  • Send a letter to your doctor for proof of infertility report
  • Send a letter to your priest of pastor for a reference
  • Complete the Adam Walsh Background Study
  • Attend meetings with your adoption worker
  • References will be interviewed by your adoption worker
  • Visit is made to your home
  • Discuss adoption with your children, if applicable
  • Adoption education will be provided
  • Adoption Outreach webinars will be completed
  • Complete your adoption profiles and ‘Dear Birthparent’ letters
  • Secure home study approval

During the adoption home study your adoption worker will gather the information pertaining to your:

  • Personal history including family, school, career, dating, and interests
  • Marriage relationship
  • Support systems
  • Ideas on parenting
  • Attitudes and beliefs regarding adoption
  • Cultural awareness and diversity
  • Religious affiliation and spiritual beliefs
  • Finance situation
  • Health history
  • Family strengths and needs

During the adoption home study you will discuss the following information with your Adoption worker:

  • Openness in adoption
  • Adoption Outreach
  • Risks associated with adoption
  • The birthparent decision making process
  • Adopting a child of a race different than yours or with health concerns
  • The possibility of face-to-face meeting with birthparents
  • How the adoption placement process works
  • Post-placement services available
  • Adoption assistance
  • The legalization of the adoption

Domestic Adoption Fees

Application: $450
Adam Walsh Background Study: $70 per person
Home Study: $2,800
Adoption Program Fee: range from $7,000 to $12,000
Pregnancy Program Fee: $4,000
Other fees may apply depending on services requested.

Estimated time frame for adoptive placement

The estimated likelihood for making an adoptive placement is one to three years, but may be less or more. Adoption approval does not guarantee a placement.

Catholic Charities has licensed professionals to complete adoption home studies in Worthington, Mankato, Rochester and Winona, Minnesota.