Parenting Education

Catholic Charities Pregnancy, Parenting and Adoption Program offers parents the opportunity to expand their parenting skills through Nurturing Healthy Families classes.

Nurturing Healthy Families is for expectant parents and parents with children under 12 months old. Classes will be relevant for single parents and those parenting together. Each session lasts 60-90 minutes and Kwik Trip or Walmart gift cards are provided. Daycare expenses and bus passes are available upon request. Classes are held once per month in Mankato, Rochester and Winona.

Topics include sibling interaction, power struggles, special-needs children, consistency, setting limits, and more!

For class schedule, view our agency calendar. For more information, call your local office.

Winona 507-454-2270      Rochester 507-237-2047 ext 36     Mankato 507-387-5586 ext 2