Pregnancy Counseling

We are available 24 hours a day at 507-287-7807. Call any time or email.

Catholic Charities offers high quality pregnancy counseling at no cost to expectant parents. Our social workers will help you through the process throughout your pregnancy and long after your baby is born. We are here with resources and counseling to help you consider your options. This support is available to you as you arrive at a decision that you believe is best, with our promise that there is no pressure—ever.


Not everyone makes the same decision, and that is okay. Our social workers will help you explore your options based on your personal values, goals, opportunities and resources. If you ultimately decide to parent, we can help you gather baby items, make a parenting plan, provide parenting education and/or financial assistance.


If you decide you are not prepared to parent or want something different for your baby, we will help by explaining adoption, helping you meet or select adoptive families, and supporting you as you place your baby for adoption. We offer many levels of openness in adoption and will assist you in navigating the new relationship with the adoptive family and your child. We believe community is important and can connect you with other birthparents through support groups, special events, or individual connections.

Financial assistance is available for those who are making a parenting or adoption plan.


We care about you and will be sensitive, caring and welcoming, regardless of your circumstances. We serve people of all faiths and we have Pregnancy, Parenting and Adoption Social Workers across the 20 Southern-most counties in Minnesota.

You can reach us 24/7 at 507-287-7807, or you can send us an email.



24-Hour Information Line: 507-287-7807