Guardian Conservator ServicesWhen Catholic Charities is appointed guardian/conservator, we believe the most important aspect of our responsibilities is to develop a relationship with the protected person. Our staff makes it their top priority to ensure that each person’s needs and best interests are always considered.

The services we provide to all the people we work and care for are:

  • Determine and monitor place of residence and make sure his/her needs are being met, especially comfort and safety.
  • Consent to and monitor medical treatment, this includes but not limited to accompanying him/her to doctor appointments, dentist appointments, physical therapy sessions, and any other medical related treatment or office visits.
  • Consent to and monitor non-medical services such as education, counseling, supervised sightseeing tours, attending other recreational activities such as camp, shopping trips, etc.
  • Release confidential information to medical and service related resources.
  • Make end of life decisions including, but not limited to, living wills, do not resuscitate orders, burial/funeral trust, and advanced directive for life sustaining treatment.
  • Maximizing independence in the least restrictive manner.
  • Report to the Court about the guardianship/conservatorship status and provide an accounting of finances and expenses at least annually.
  • Advocate on behalf of the ward for housing and living arrangements, employment and training, entitlements and benefits, basic civil and property rights, religious rights, uncensored communication and medical rights.

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~ Norman B. Rice