Refugee Resettlement

Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program (CCRRP) operates under the umbrella of United States Conference of Catholic Bishops/ Migration and Refugee Services (USCCB/MRS) in collaboration with Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (DOS/PRM).

CCRRP carries out refugee services to address needs by providing direct case management and networking with the intention of building financial independence. Financial self-sufficiency is achieved through acquiring safe and stable housing, asset building, financial literacy training, and basic employment soft skills training which assists refugees in gaining the ability to secure employment, a more sustainable and significant source of financial independence. We also provide cultural, transportation, shopping and budgeting orientations.

“We are the foundation builders; assisting refugees build their new life.”

Our Mission

As a program, our greatest strength is our intensive client-centered case management. Goals established for refugees are intended to: address immediate social/educational needs, attain a stable environment, develop skills for employment, understand basic financial principles, and promote seamless integration. The process we utilize entails an intake and assessment, goal development, intervention, referrals, monitoring and reassessing throughout the service period and transitioning services seamlessly to other service providers at the end of the 90 day resettlement period. The goal of resettlement is empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills that will assist them on the road to self-sufficiency.

Refugees want what many Americans want: to feel a part of their community, gain employment, and ultimately find a place to call “home.”

Our Programs

Reception and Placement (R&P) Program – provides one-on-one case management and resettlement services for refugees and SIVs designated who arrive in our region for the first 90 days in the United States.

Match Grant (MG) Employment Program – provides one-on-one case management and employment services to refugees, SIVs, Amerisians that have been in the country less than 30 days or asylees, entrants, and victims of trafficking that have gained status/approval less than 30 days that are proactively looking for employment.

Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) Program (Olmsted County) – provides assistance up to 8 months after arrival in the U.S. to low-income refugees (as well as asylees, entrants, Amerisians, trafficking victims) who are single or married without children while they are looking for employment.

Financial Literacy Program – provides classes in money management and budgeting that promotes self-sufficiency and financial stability.

For more information about our programs and if someone you know maybe eligible

please contact us our main office in Rochester at 507-287-2047.

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