three crosses

The Three Crosses

  1. There is the cross furiously or sullenly carried, in a rage; man writhes and squirms, fill with hate for it, or at least with a deep and burning resentment. It is a cross without meaning and without any explanation, useless, such a cross may even separate one from God. It is the cross of those of the world, who seek comfort and material well-being, who will put up with neither suffering nor setbacks, for they have no wish to understand the supernatural meaning of pain. It is a cross that does not redeem. It is a cross carried by one of the thieves.
  2. On the road to Calvary, there is a second cross, carried this time with resignation, perhaps even with some dignity, with an acceptance of the situation simply because there is no alternative to it.  This is the one carried by the other thief. Little by little he realizes that close to him is the sovereign figure of Christ, who will radically change the final moments of his life on earth, and for eternity; he will be the one converted into the good thief.
  3. There is a third way to carry the cross. Jesus embraces the saving wood and teaches us how we ought to carry our own cross in life: with love, co-redeeming all souls with him, making reparation at the same time for our own sins. Our Lord has conferred on human suffering a deep meaning. Being able, as he was, to redeem us in a multitude of ways, he chose to do so through suffering for greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

**Conversations with God book—Lenten edition

I found this reflection inspiring as I found myself dragging my cross on several occasions lately. I hope it is as inspiring for you this Lenten Season as it is for me! I am hoping to do my best in the future to  carry it squarely on my shoulders

~Mary Alessio (Director of Advancement)