Telephone Assurance Calls

Telephone Assurance checks will be available to those participants who express the desire for routine checks ins:

  • Telephone check ins will be scheduled at mutually agreed upon times and days
  • Length of calls will be decided upon at initiation of service
  • Emergency contact information will be provided to volunteer in the event that participant does not answer their phone
  • Participant will notify volunteer if a call is unnecessary on any given day

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Not able to check in on your loved one as often as you would like? Or living alone and would have better peace of mind knowing someone will be checking in every now and then? Schedule a meeting with me Bernie Mechlewitz to learn more about our telephone assurance calls. We provide scheduled calls to check in on you or your loved one. Phone calls can range in length and frequency depending on individual needs, and emergency contact is also provided to our volunteers in the event that you or your loved one does not answer the scheduled calls. Our telephone assurance calls are geared towards providing peace of mind to your loved ones or yourself in case of an accident or emergency.