The Financial Literacy Program is a workshop taught each month, that is intended to engage the public on various budgeting and money management topics to gain stability through improved financial literacy.  Some of the topics are: the difference between needs and wants, establishing savings, setting long-term financial goals, asset building, and various budgeting techniques.

For some individuals it is the early prevention of financial planning mistakes and to teach the use of money for empowerment and the attainment of life goals. The end objective for all participants is to build assets and gain financial independence.

Upcoming Classes

Free Financial Literacy Workshop

November 13 @ 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Free Financial Literacy Workshop

December 11 @ 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

New Class Schedule:

To find out more about the program or register for an upcoming class call us at 507-287-2047. 

“Money does not buy happiness but it does influence our perception

of happiness and our potential for success.”

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“I learned by prioritizing bills there will be less financial chaos, also that having savings can help make you feel more secure.” – Denise

“I wanted to share my experience with the “Receipts” envelope:  I found that by making myself take my receipts and put them into the envelope I was actually less inclined to purchase/ spend.  The act of having to save the receipts and put them into the envelope inhibited my desire to buy *that coffee* or *that snack* or *whatever*.  Accordingly, I have decided that as a check on my built-in consumerism I am going to do the envelope on an ongoing basis.  So, thank you!”  – Emailed Feedback from Erin

“I learned how to improve my credit. I like the detail the teacher gave for complete understanding of financing.” – Susan

“I learned how credit cards work and how I can protect myself from going into dept.” – Zeinab

“I liked learning about credit cards. Also liked learning about paychecks. I found it useful. I got a better understanding of it.” Jennifer