What is Planned Giving?

A gift legally provided for during the donor’s lifetime but whose principal benefits may not accrue to the organization until a future time. Planned giving connotes thoughtful preparation & planning and can apply to all forms of gifts.

What are the benefits for a donor?

  • Gratifies human need for enjoyment of giving
  • Encourages estate planning
  • Makes a larger gift than if making one outright
  • Creates a permanent memorial
  • Makes a gift with retention of income
  • Provides income for self and/or beneficiaries
  • Assets managed at low or no cost
  • Income, estate, and capital gains tax savings

What are the benefits to the Organization?

  • Increases available options of giving
  • May produce “actual-received” gifts on a regular basis that will add to the organization’s income holdings
  • May be irrevocable
  • Increases possibility of a donor changing a bequest to a lifetime gift.
  • May lead to future gifts through estate planning and bequests
  • Can be used as a basis for future planning.

What are examples of a planned gift that includes Catholic Charities?

  • An IRA distribution
  • Life Insurance designation
    • New Policy
    • Paid-Up Policy
    • Gift Replacement
  • Wills and Bequests
  • Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Who should I contact to make a Planned Gift?

Contact Bob Tereba, Executive Director, at 507-454-2270 (Ext. 222), or Mary Alessio, Director of Advancement, at 507-281-6606 for confidential assistance. You can also email info@ccsomn.org with your questions.

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Joan’s Joy!

“Perhaps you or someone dear to you has received a life-changing diagnosis. You may find it difficult to imagine that the emotion of joy could possibly be associated with the likes of cancer.

Battle—now, you and I hear that word associated with terminal illness all the time. But joy?—it takes an amazing individual to exude a spirit of joy amidst suffering. It takes a person like Joan. Joan was a model wife and mother of four. She was tirelessly committed to her husband and children. She assisted in the creation of her husband’s business, an animal hospital. Joan had a degree in interior design and dedicated her life to using her creativity to help others in need. Joan’s definition of family extended to all. She gave generously of her time and treasure. She was an ardent defender of life. With a humble strength, she was always ready with words of encouragement and hope.

Although, I was not a personal friend of Joan’s she will forever hold a special place in my heart. In fact, a copy of her obituary is tucked away in my planner. I bring it out when I am “battling” challenging times in life. I thank God for the blessing of Joan whose legacy was a life so filled with kindness she exuded joy despite suffering. And, whose greatest hope was to leave a spirit of compassion and joy for others.

 A couple months after Joan’s passing, we were notified that her retirement account proceeds were gifted to Catholic Charities to care for those living on the margins in Southern Minnesota. Joan’s legacy of joy lives on in the lives of families in crisis, vulnerable adults and seniors, and children in need. When I look into the eyes of the poor and vulnerable we serve and see their fears transformed into joy through acts of compassion—I think of Joan!”

Mary Alessio, Director of Advancement

A Planned Gift—A Hopeful Legacy! 

“I recently had a cup of coffee with a dear friend of Catholic Charities who wanted to learn more about Planned Gifts.  This friend was determined not to have his legacy written on a monument, but written in the hearts of those we serve at Catholic Charities.  In this case, he was thrilled to hear that he could transfer stock to Catholic Charities in order to change lives, extend a life-line, and create new beginnings.

Often when we think of a legacy, we think of things—material possessions.  But, to me it is so much more—especially when you continue to serve others by leaving the best and most beautiful part of you…a heart so filled with compassion that for generations to come it continues to provide help and create hope for those most in need.  Thank you for your consideration in making a lasting and positive imprint on the world through your planned gift that sustains our life-changing mission!  God bless you for this priceless act of charity.”

Mary Alessio, Director of Advancement


All Donors have the rights listed in the Donor Bill of Rights.