Myths & Facts Regarding Adoption

Myth: Birthparents who place their child for adoption do not care for their child.
Fact: Birthparents love their child very much. That is why they make an adoption plan, which will allow their child to experience the best possible life.

Myth: Adoption is an irresponsible solution to an unplanned pregnancy.
Fact: Adoption is a very unselfish, loving decision in which the birthparents love their child enough to place him/her with another family better able to provide for them. Adoption is never a selfish decision.

Myth: Good parents keep their children – only poor parents choose adoption.
Fact: Responsible parents ensure that all of their child’s social, emotional, and financial needs are met by whatever means necessary. Deciding that adoption best meets a child’s needs is not shameful; it is an honorable, difficult, and loving choice.

Myth: There is no role for the birthfather in the adoption planning process. It’s designed to meet only the needs of the birthmother.
Fact: Birthfathers are very important in the adoption planning process. The birthfather’s needs and wishes will be respected and discussed in order to create a plan that is inclusive to all parties.

Myth: Birthparents do not get to select the family their child will be placed with.
Fact: Birthparents have the opportunity to choose the adoptive parents by viewing profiles including dear birthparent letters and pictures. The birthparents can also meet the adoptive couple prior to the baby’s birth.

Myth: Birthparents will not have contact with their child in the hospital.
Fact: While in the hospital, the birthparents can choose how to use this time. The baby can stay in the birthmother’s room, family and friends can visit and hold the baby, and the birthparents may chose to name the baby. The birthparents can choose the amount of time to spend with their baby during the hospital stay.

Myth: A birthparent will never know anything about his/her child and the child’s adoptive parents after an adoption is final.
Fact: Birthparents can receive pictures and updates concerning their child after the adoptive placement and may have on-going communication if they wish.

Myth: A birthparent will eventually forget about the child he/she placed for adoption.
Fact: Birthparent will never forget about the child they placed for adoption! The birthparent will always have a special place in their heart for the child.

Myth: A child will hate their birthparents if they make an adoption plan. He/she will think the birthparents have abandoned him/her.
Fact: Adoption is not, in any way, abandonment. Through adoption you are providing a safe, positive living environment for your child.

Myth: The birthparent will regret their decision for the rest of their life.
Fact: The birthparents will feel sad and grieve, but if they have made a well thought out decision for their baby out of love, they will not regret giving the baby life and placing the baby with a loving adoptive family. Birthparents place their baby for adoption because they love the child very much. It is a very loving, responsible decision to make.