Community Partners

What is a Community Partner and their Liaison?

A Community Partner: 

  • A Community Partner (CP) involves being supportive of the needs of the Warming Center and being familiar with its policies and procedures.
  • A CP appoints a liaison/coordinator to be responsible for much of the work of coordinating volunteers to work the nights that the CP has signed up for.
  • The CP decides together with their liaison/coordinator to sign up for at least two nights a month on the Center’s website

The Community Partner’s Liaison / Coordinator:

  • Finds and compiles a list of interested volunteers within their group and encourages each of the volunteers to go to the trainings. For example: if the Community Partner signs up for two nights a month then a minimum of eight volunteers are needed per month. It could be less if volunteers commit to more than once a month.
  • Makes sure background checks on all volunteers are completed and given to the Center’s Coordinator, Lynette Johnson of Catholic Charities, via the address Winona Catholic Charities/Winona Community Warming Center, 111 Market Street #2B, PO Box 379, Winona MN 55987.
  • Gathers input from the volunteers on preferred nights and relays that to the Community Partner for the Community Partner to sign up for their nights.
  • Schedules a minimum of two volunteers a shift for the nights scheduled and sends out reminders two days prior to their shift.
  • Opens the doors of the Center at 8:30 p.m. at night for their volunteers or appoints someone in their group to open.
  • Becomes familiar with the rules and information in the manual and encourages their volunteers to read the manual for the sake of consistency for our guests.

For further questions contact Lynette Johnson at

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