Refugee Resettlement Volunteer Hours

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  • Case Assistance

    Assisted with community orientations, budgeting orientations, transportation, and/or skills orientations that will contribute to self-sufficiency.
  • (to the nearest 30 min.)
  • Employment Assistance

    Assisted in looking for employment, worked on computers skills, assisted with transportation for job search and/or interviews, provided employment orientations.
  • (to the nearest 30 min.)
  • Social Adjustment Assistance

    Assisted with child care and/or acted as mediator for employer and client
  • (to the nearest 30 min.)
  • English Language Tutoring

    English tutoring and employment terms tutoring
  • (to the nearest 30 min.)
  • Grocery Group/Grocery Shopping Assistance

    Assisting with purchasing basic grocery items for arriving family or took family grocery shopping
  • (to the nearest 30 min.)
  • (only if personally purchased items)
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