October 28, 2018

As I consider the past week in America I am reflecting on a passage a dear friend brought to my attention last year at this time. It touched me deeply as I was sitting in a hospital chapel pew trying to understand a deep loss and mourning the death of my brother. I felt broken-hearted. Those words come to life within me this weekend as I hold dear all those who have experienced heartbreak—especially the heartache that results from a lack of compassion.

We live in a broken world.

The contemporary and wise Jewish prophet, Robert Zimmerman, once detailed the list of things that were broken:

“Everything is Broken”, he said. Broken bottles, broken plates, broken switches, broken gates. Broken dishes, broken parts, streets are filled with broken hearts, broken words, never meant to be spoken, everything is broken. Broken bodies, broken bones, broken voices on broken phones. Take a deep breath; feel like you’re choking—everything is broken. Broken treaties, broken vows, broken hands on broken plows. Broken pipes, broken tools, and people bending broken rules. Everything is broken.

Bob Dylan sang those words on an album appropriately entitled, O Mercy! We live in a broken society which exists in a broken world, which is part of our broken human condition. Everything is broken. Lord, Have Mercy!

After a particularly gut-wrenching week—I am back in that hospital chapel pew trying to understand the deep loss in our country this week. I am searching for answers. I feel broken-hearted.

Lord bless the broken-hearted! Open our hearts and minds that we may embrace a spirit of compassion and tolerance; following your example—one that embraced all regardless of age, gender, faith tradition, or ethnic background.

Mary Alessio~Reflection by:
Mary Alessio–Director of Advancement

(Special thanks to my dear friend Jose’ who lifted me up last year with his words)